Are You Prepared to Save a Life?

PGA Jr. League Partners with Hands-Only CPR

PGA Jr. League is partnering with Hands-Only CPR to educate PGA Coaches and families about sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of administering hands-only CPR. We urge you to learn the steps of hands-only CPR so you can be ready in case of an emergency. Sudden cardiac arrest is the No. 1 cause of death for student athletes, and golf courses are the fifth most common place for sudden cardiac arrest.

Every year over 360,000 Americans die of sudden cardiac arrest. It can strike seemingly healthy adults and children of all ages. It occurs when the heart beats so fast it cannot pump blood. When blood stops flowing to the brain and body, your body collapses. Without intervention, the victim of sudden cardiac arrest will die. In fact, 92% of victims die before making it to the hospital.

We can change this. Everyone should know how to save a life with HandsOnly CPR.

Hands Only CPR Steps

Every minute without CPR after sudden cardiac arrest, the chance of survival goes down by 10%. Within five minutes, brain cells begin to die; within 10 minutes, the chance of survival is virtually zero. So, you can’t wait for help.

HandsOnly CPR can triple the chance of survival. It is performed with the victim lying flat on their back. Kneeling beside the individual with your arms out straight, interlock your fingers and use the palm of your hand to push hard and fast in the center of the person’s chest – two compressions per second about two inches deep. Do it to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees or Lady Gaga’s “Let’s Dance.” This will pump blood to the brain and body.

Saving a life is three easy steps: Check, Call, Compress.

1. Check to see if the person is responsive or breathing,

2. Call 911

3. Begin chest compressions.

You don’t have to be certified; you don’t have to do mouth-to-mouth. You will not be sued as there are Good Samaritan laws in every state to protect you, and you cannot hurt someone who will die without your help. The worst thing to do is nothing.

The difference between life and death is knowing what to do. Know what to do. It takes less than one minute, and you can make sure your PGA Jr. League teams and players are HEART-SAFE. Go to Be prepared to save a life.